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K95 Platnium Random Button actions


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Hi guys,


Just wondering if any fix to this.


Ive had my K95 Platinum for a while now, while first off ran fine and all, but every now and then it starts acting up, as of now its been two months and still doing it so it is now unusable.



The spacebar registers as changing the brightness of it and also right click on my mouse.




If i press R it will press all the said keys all most instantly.


Among other things that i have yet to find out.


i have no macros set and have all my profiles deleted to avoid confusion between the software and yet still does it.


Thanks in advance guys.




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Woah, I've never heard about the spacebar changing to the brightness button. I think the best thing to try is a hard reset on the keyboard. You'll have to make a ticket on our support site and Tech support can send you the file and instructions on how to do so. Hopefully that helps!
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