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HS50 Stereo Mic Picking Up Headphone Sound


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Hi all,


Like i said in the title i have this issue with my HS50 Stereo in which the microphone is picking up sound from the headphones. My motherboard is MSI B250. I am using the Nahimic 2+ software and the Y splitter included.


I have tried to lower the volume of the headphones, i'm more comfortable with low volume anyway, but the microphone is picking up sound regardless.


Even when i disable all of the enhancements from the Nahimic software such as mic boost, voice shaper (bass and treble boost), voice leveler, noise cancellation etc. microphone is still picking up sound. It is a lot lower but it is still there on the background and HS50's microphone without any mic boost is too quiet, my voice just disappears on top of the game sound when playing with friends.


I checked the stereo mix (listen to this device setting) and tried both inputs/outputs. Front I/O of the case or directly to the motherboard.


Also tried on another computer, Macbook Air 2012, does not require the Y splitter, but the problem persisted.


Is there anything else i could do?

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Hi again, i solved the issue!


I created a ticket (ID 795808) but could not close it after i figured out the problem. Left a note for them to ignore the ticket though.


Anyway the problem is not the headset it's Nahimic, i believe. I plugged in a PS4 controller to the PC, that bypasses the Nahimic software, and voila! I don't know why my MacBook still has that problem but i was not planning to use the headset with it so no problem.


It's still weird though, i had cheap closed back headset (Everest Rampage) and that had no problems with this setup i have (Nahimic software/MSI Motherboard). Microphone was okay-ish and it was not picking up headphone sound at all.


I'm so happy! Headset was great by the way. Just used it on my gaming "session" with friends. No problem at all =).


Hope this helps someone. Sorry for taking your time and thank your for the response.

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I've currently got the same problem with my Corsiar HS50 headset ... where my friends and stuff can hear what I can hear in gameplay. (Mainly things like gunshots or if you're hitting something etc).


I saw your response regarding 'Nahimic' but you never actually went into detail on what you did to solve the problem. Any help you could give would be amazing as I do really like the headset ... but if I could just get this issue resolved it'd be amazing.


Thanks in advance.

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