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Fan hub / lightning problem


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So I have the set for half a year now.


I have the Commander PRO, lightning node PRO and two RGB-hubs. Everything worked fine untill some time ago. One RGB fan started to shine less bright, so I think he done, because I've tried him in different ports and in all ports in the same ; doesnt shine as bright anymore as the other ones. I've used the wiring diagram from this forum to connect everything, so that's not the problem!


Also I noticed that my fans which are meant for the radiator didn't work anymore, the lightning. So I thought the fanhub died without testing it. Bought a new RGB hub today, two fans are working now and the last one isn't working. Also the two working are showing a different color then I give the in the CORSAIR LINK I also tried to give them new colors today in LINK, but the problem remains the same.


I've tried the last fan in a different port and the RGB of the fan is working, but not in the port it's currently in. The problem is that the hub is brand new and with the old one the last 3 fans didn't work.


Any ideas?

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