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Obsidian 500D SE - Cannot close side glass panel :(


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Hi Guys,

Hope I am receiving some guidance from folks in this forum as I am quite frustrated now.:sigh!:


I just got myself a new shiny build using Corsair Obsidian 500D SE RGB. Everything was cool until I figured out I could not close the side glass panel due to the power cable pulling it out. The problem with the panel is it does not have any screw and just hook to the case using magnet. I try to use cable tie to tie the bunch of hanging-out cable as tight as possible to the body of the case, but still it is too big to fit in completely, thus I still pushing the side panel out.:mad::mad:


Any suggestion? Do I really need to get the pack of premium sleeve cable (CableMod) to replace all the stock cables from Corsair RM750x?


Thank you so much for reading and providing solution.

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  • Corsair Employees

I'm assuming this is for the back side of the case where are the cable routing goes correct? It's a challenge and you'll need some significant cable management to get it flat especially if you have a lot cables set up for different parts.


I tend to use individually sleeved cables just cause they're easier to work with and overall look nicer.

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