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HS70 Discord audio issue


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Edit: Discord worked perfectly fine mic/sound before i restarted my computer... and this is not the first time my computer has been restarted, it gets shut down every night and has worked perfectly fine till now


So last night I restarted my computer, and now there is no sound in discord, and discord only, I can listen to music and game sounds perfectly fine, just no sound on discord, my mic works perfectly fine.


I have reinstalled iCUE, tried changing every last option in discord, nothing seems to work...


discord certified my *****...


also, battery never charges past like 30%, not sure if iCUE issue or headset issue but the battery seems garbage in this headset, wireless has turned into wired because needs constant charging cord plugged in -.-

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Update, I found out for me, it was not my headset at all, or icue from what i can tell...


i still had/have issues with icue for battery not fulling charging or something


but the fix for me was: uninstall discord -> install public test version of discord.. confirmed discord is the actual problem?

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