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mouse corsair scimitar keep disconnecting


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Hello, my corsair scimitar mouse keeps disconnecting for no reason while I play.

I bought this mouse 2 years ago and had this same problem on another PC.


My friend got this problem too, and browsing around the web you can see A LOT of people got this same problem.

The mouse disconnects and reconnects by itself, sometimes it will not reconnect and it will just freeze, and the solution is to unplug and replug it manually (sometimes even this doesn't work).


I stopped using this mouse until now, and it's unbeliavable that this HUGE problem is not already fixed. I use this mouse to play WoW, but all these buttons are USELESS if my mouse disconnects during an encounter or while doing PVP, it's frustrating.

Even sent the same question to my country corsair website and got 0 answers.

I already tried everything, power usb ports all the time, reinstalling software, etc. I'm pretty sure it's a mouse/ICUE software problem, because I'm perfectly fine with other mouse brands.


My only solution for now is to use a total different mouse and I'm hugely disappointed that after years this problem is still here.

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