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I play lots of games and many games have started to create system that prevents you from using specific scripts from running, IE AutoHotKey look function does not work while playing League of Legends (at least when I tried).


I made keyboard macros via the Corsair Utility Software to "bypass" this issue. I simply made tons of macros which simply "Press 'key' > Release 'key'" with Delay: 1 MS. Works perfectly.


Problem; If I, for example, press F1 it will activate a macro which till press/spam F1 with a 1 ms delay between each key press. If I press another macro while my F1 macro is still active it will break and neither macro will function until I Fully make sure the F1 macro is no longer active and then repress the other macro.


What I want is to make it possible to run multiple macros at the same time instead of only 1 as it is right now.


All I could find on google was that apparently there is some OS limitation when it comes to macro functions... Fml.


TL;DR Currently only 1 macro at a time can run, is it possible to make it so multiple macros can run simultaneously?

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Corsair iCUE does not support threaded macros. You will have to use basically any other macro software. I know it sucks I am in the same boat. I was forced to move back to Razer and have a full set of Corsair Peripherals in my closet collecting dust due to this issue. I have been waiting what has now been more than a year for this to be fixed without a word from Corsair other than a post from about a year ago saying this issue is a "windows limitation" which it clearly is not because this is the first macro software I have found since Windows XP when I started using macros that can't run two or more at a time.


You can't do two macros simultaneously like what you described. Its technically an OS limitation.
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I suspect James response was a possibly saying that you cannot be emitting two keys at the same time in a macro - that would be the limitation of the OS.


However this can work. It does work in other major peripheral softwares to thread macros, however I think it is fair to note that every other player's software is woefully incomplete in many other respects.


It would be nice for icue to be able to integrate this as I do think it is doable. I think icue would need to be able to instance a new thread internally to process the macros as they start. That way it could run as many threads as needed and the macros can overlap, timeout or terminate as needed.


It is not a trivial thing to do since you can create so many macros in icue and they can be terminated in so many different ways. It could get done though.

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Chaos I agree I have used other software as well that could do it.


I am super amateur at programming but here is a proof of concept that uses c sharp and threading to run two macros side by side and terminate themselves inside and outside the program. It has issues, but is a straightforward example where it outputs a and c repeating and threads them at different intervals and they should be terminable by pressing q c or a. The exit on keypress doesn't work 100% in practice in this example for some reason but I think the skilled would handily fix that. I leave this here for discussion purposes, but I assume (despite cue being an incredible complex software), it must be very possible to add a similar approach that users could opt into or out of to run threaded macros as I am sure there could be unexpected behavior and heavy CPU usage in certain instances.




Again i think until you get the bugs worked out in general with the ever growing user base and ecosystem, this is a niche ask, but nonetheless cool and they should go for gold right?

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I don't believe this is a niche ask.


If my vote mattered in the priority of Corsair focus, this would be my vote for highest priority (along with re-enabling copy/paste between actions). I have thought to myself, why am I not seeing this "common sense" improvement echoed in the Corsair community as one of the biggest issues, and assumed that it is because I am not a big time gamer, but the reason Chaosblades describes sounds like it is for the purpose of gaming, and I cannot be in that niche.


As you say, Hastetag, the competition is woefully incomplete in many other respects, but I think this one issue, The execution and timing manipulation of execution of multiple actions or events, is where you can find competitors that are measurably better than Corsair.


I periodically check the competitor product websites to see if they offer mouse manipulation within their software, and second actions connected with a button event.


I periodically check this forum and Corsair's product website to see if they've made improvements to the timing manipulation of execution of multiple events.


My Scimitar mouse does not work for the purpose I intended in part because of what Chaosblades describes and in part also for other reasons of timing execution.


While my Corsair peripheries have been taken from "the closet", and moved to a working computer. I see all sorts of potential in what Corsair can already do, and what they could do with better timing execution. Go forth all of you, and improve multiple action timing execution in the Corsair realm! I support and agree with you. Thanks!

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Every single thread about this for over a year now that I have seen while monitoring this issue has been about pressing one button over and over again to use an ability in a game as soon as it is ready while still having a 2-3 button combo macro work and it doesn't. Most of the time this is from people moving from Razer, Logitech, SteelSeries, etc. All of these companies have this basic feature. Hell, none of these companies even market this as a feature it is so basic.
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