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H115i Pro Poor.


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Hi all.


Just installed a new H115i Pro onto my 4790K and it's worse than the intel stock air cooler.


@ Idle 42. 34\45\33\32 (Package 42) With a water temp of 30.

@ load 100. Running a CPU stress test jumps the CPU temp to 100 within 3-4 seconds. Water temp will slowly make it's way up.


I've reseated\pasted the block a number of times with new paste each time so it's not a contact issue as each time shows the same results.


Rad is front mounted with intake fans. Corsair ML140


3x Corsair ML140 top mounted intakes

1x rear Corsair ML140 as extraction.

Pump is set to performance in that awful software (Link)


Fans are controlled by the Commander Pro (Except the two rad ones)


Any ideas?

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Kind of a small time window for anyone to help. Despite your efforts, it is very probable you did not have the cold plate and CPU in good contact. The instant 100C jump is a dead give away for that, particularly if the old cooler can take your BIOS settings, voltage, etc. If the cooler was defective in some way, it would show through the coolant temp and that would take more than 3-4 seconds to be revealed. Hard to explain the bracket installation pitfalls without physically being able to see what you have done, but if you are still interested in trying, that would be the place to start.
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