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HS70 - Overwatch


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Hi All,


Yesterday I purchased the HS70 wireless headset.


However when i got it installed I had an issue that meant when I was in discord, and then tried to play overwatch the microphone just seemed to stop working.


After trying many different things... including the disable exclusive control. I have eventually figured out its something to do with the CUE software.


When I exit the Cue software discord and overwatch play happily together.


This is of course is an issue as I use the cue software for my keyboard and mousepad (corsair).. Anyway for now the work around is to kill CUE.

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Ok, just a had a brief play in iCUE, hoping i would be able to fix the issue by maybe disabling an option, but nothing makes a difference.


The issue is odd, as it is only an issue with Overwatch currently.


Discord will be working, but when the focus is brought to the overwatch game, the mic in discord stops working in both overwatch and discord.


Kill iCUE and discord and Overwatch work well.


Will raise a support ticket with Corsair as this seems to be an issue with iCUE.

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OK, update.


I have solved this at this for me.


I already had a strafe keyboard, glaive mouse and an mm800 mousepad. And I had set up a profile for overwatch.


Now when it windows, the iCUE is using a default profile, which I had setup the headset for.


So then I went to overwatch.... iCUE swapped to the OW profile... and unknown to me the headset had been added.... wait for it... with mic level set to 0...


Then when I jumped back out of overwatch, it swapped back to the default profile, and everything was good...


OMG... Spent hours looking at this. lol


Well hopefully this may help someone in the future...


fix... go to OW profile in iCUE and move the mic level from 0.....

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