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Bought BRAND NEW K70 and DARK CORE Qi broken/problems/issues


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This is my second day of owning my new keyboard (K70 LUX; blue keys) and wireless mouse (Dark Core Qi.) I've run into a bunch of issues since day one testing and day two and are wondering if there are any fixes out there- if not, what can I do to get a refund or replacement. In advance- thanks for the help!


How they are connected:

Motherboard- MSI Z170A PC MATE

BIOS- American Megatrends Inc. A.70, 1/25/2016



The keyboard's both USB are connected in the rear of the PC to a 3.1 GEN 1 USB.

The mouse's wireless dongle is connected through the charge cable to extend the receiver to the desk for the best possible connection as well as easy access to unplug the dongle. This cable is connected to the back of the PC to a 3.1 GEN 2 USB.


When referencing a problem with a solution that you may have- you can use the numbers I've listed for each problem for the ease of writing. So that each person reading can see what fix goes to what problem.



K70- 2.05

Dark Core- 3.08




1- (K70) The K70 will constantly freeze up. Doesn't matter if I'm in game or not. When the keyboard freezes up in game, it freezes the game and the computer for at least a full minute before either I have to force close the program or I'm kicked with an internet connection error. If the keyboard freezes up while using a browser- I can still type but the caps lock and num-lock keys won't work. I've done some searching around and have found that I have to either manually disconnect the USB and reconnect to reset the keyboard or I have to flip the bios switches constantly to reload the keyboard.


2- (K70) The scroll wheel at the top right for volume only does increments of 2. Is this normal? Wondering if increments of 1 is something the scroll wheel can't do.


3- (Dark Core) The very first time I plugged the mouse in- I've only intended to use the wired USB connection. However, I found out that it would constantly freeze up. (about every 3-5 minutes) Freezing up as in it won't take any movement nor would the buttons work. I've tried unplugging and plugging the cable back in, it wouldn't work. I've tried turning the mouse off and back on with the switch on the bottom while it was connected. Didn't work. I tried disconnecting the mouse and then turning it off and back on; then connecting it back. Didn't work. Only when I unplugged the USB, unplugged the mouse, turned the mouse off, plug the mouse back, plug the USB back, then turn on the mouse, it would work. So I gave up on a wired connection. Which leads to problem 4.


4- (Dark Core) Now being forced to use the wireless 2.4GHz setting, I'd have the exact problem. However; instead of it freezing every 3-5 minutes, it'd be every 1hr+. The only way to un-freeze it is to turn off the mouse from the switch, unplug the wireless USB dongle, re-plug the USB back in, then turn on the mouse.


5- (Dark Core) After having to use the mouse for two days on a wireless connection; it's time to charge. The mouse died while my battery in my tray still said it had medium battery levels. I didn't know it died until I tried to plug the mouse back in the way I described in problem 4. Only to find out that the tray icon quickly went from medium level to no battery left. So I then grabbed the USB cable again unplugged the wireless USB dongle. I plugged the mouse to start charging while I try to use it on USB connection. It quickly froze up again, this time being no more than a minute. I did my usual steps from problem 3 to find that every time I did that- the mouse would freeze up faster. From 1 minute to 30 seconds to 10 seconds to finally not turning on anymore. So I thought maybe the mouse can't be used while charging. It then died fully as to not turn on at all. I then again did a restart like in problem 3 to reset the mouse except I left it in the off switch mode while connecting everything back. Now there is a little green light in the first DPI light slots. It was fading in and out and now it's frozen to just green. I figured that maybe it's frozen up while charging. So I did the same reset process again to find out it would just freeze up in a few seconds. After leaving it to charge while the green light was frozen. I turned it on again after a few hours to see if it charged up even with the light frozen. It did turn on with the RGB so I reconnected the wireless dongle back and immediately looked at the battery status. It said it was critically low, so then I turned it off and re-plugged the charging cable back into it to see that the one green light blinked a few seconds before filling the entire 3 DPI lights with green. I believe it's telling me it's fully charged. Then I took it off to try again with the wireless connection and checked the status of the battery one more time; status high. There's also a slight warm patch underneath the mouse towards the bottom of the sensor while charging.


6- (Dark Core) This is more info for problems 3,4, and 5. During problem 3 and 4 the RGB would not freeze up. It would constantly change as I've set it to. For problems 3 and 4, I noticed the in the iCUE, there would be a yellow triangle next to the mouse icon on the top bar. It would show up for a short moment; like 3 seconds, to only disappear again for a good approximate 5 minutes. In problem 5 I mentioned that there is a patch of warmth underneath the mouse. This would part of the mouse would also be warm when it is connected through USB and wireless. The warm is as warm as a normal warm breathe in your hand. I image this temperature to be normal due to the RGB. However touching my back up mouse with white led- it's room temperature all around.


7- (Dark Core) The mouse will sometimes jump to the edge of the screen. It would randomly be any where, as long as it was the edge. In example; the top right or top left, to mid right or left, and to bottom right and left ect. As you can tell- when this randomly happens; forcing my mouse into a random spot on the screen, jerking my character around, can be very negative to gaming sessions. It could result into accidentally killing an ally to losing constantly in games. I've also tried the Bluetooth setting with the same result.


8- (Dark Core) When holding the aim button down (secondary mouse button) it will sometimes jump out of aim like if I was to let go of the button but then quickly jump back into aim after doing a quick back and forth for half a second.


9- (Dark Core) The secondary mouse button- when pressed will sometimes pinch my ring finger due to the button over hanging past the pinkie wing rest. I imagine this is something that can't be changed but I feel should be noted as feedback to help further mice generations.


10- (Dark Core) When restarting the mouse- I'd have to click the DPI buttons on the mouse back and forth to reset the DPI settings to what I had them saved through the iCUE. Otherwise, the first DPI setting the mouse would start with is the default 800. (I saved my first DPI setting to 1000)


11- (Dark Core) The DPI keeps changing randomly. From preset one to preset two to three. It also changes the preset number to the default on it's own now. I'll have to go into iCUE to change it back to what I want. I have noticed that when installing new drivers for video- iCUE will crash and re-opening the program will fix it. This problem is very rare and only has happen at least approximately 4 times.


EXTRA INFO REGARDING ALL PROBLEMS: The K70 LUX and the Dark Core Qi have been forced to update the latest firmware update as it came with the latest firmware already installed. I'm using the latest firmware for iCUE as of 9/1/2018 (3.6.109_release.)


Thanks for reading all the way through and thanks again for all the helpful replies. I really hope there is a fix for these problems as I'm not looking for a quick patch to only find that the problem will continue again. The keyboard and mouse are by far the best looking combo on the market and I've already begone to enjoy the improvement of my gaming performance while using these wonderful devices as these are my first gaming peripherals. So if the problems can't be fixed; I'd have to kindly ask for the first step in getting a refund for my purchase. Thanks again!

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What you haven't listed is what motherboard you are using, or laptop, whichever is appropriate. On motherboards, some USB ports aren't the built-in ones from the chipset, but are 3rd party addons, and their quality vary a lot.


Also, where do you plug them in? Front ports? Rear ports? Add-on bracket slots? USB2 or 3?

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1) "The keyboard's both USB are connected in the rear of the PC to a 3.1 GEN 1 USB."


You only need to use 1 USB3 connection for the keyboard. You may be supplying too much amperage. The 2nd plug is for when you are using USB2.0 ports. Refer to manual as to which plug you should plug in.


3) Take your mouse cable and plug the mouse into a USB2.0 port on the back. (Should be a black port under the old ps/2 port) Let's see if you continue to have issues wired this way.


7) The mouse jumping is a sync issue with the wireless system. It's a known issue and Corsair is still looking into it.


10) I find it best to save your desired setup to a hardware profile vs using the "Default" software one. I never make changes to my "Default" profile, as that may lead to confusion on the iCue's part.


Let me know what changes.

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1) Same issue- nothing has changed except that the pass through USB on the keyboard no longer works.


3) I don't have any 2.0 USBs on my computer. There are two 3.1 gen 2 and the rest are 3.1 gen 1. However, I did switch the mouse from USB 3.1 gen 2 to a USB 3.1 gen 1. Seems to have fixed the mouse from freezing up. Will test further through out tomorrow.


7) That sucks. :(


10) Still testing.

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3) Nothing has changed. Seems to happen when starting games/programs as well as when rounds end in game like overwatch/rainbow six siege. Sometimes it happens in mid game. I will be contacting support for further help on all my problems as there haven't seen to be any fixes. I'll post an update later.
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For all my problems, I was told to give a soft reset to my devices to see if it'll fix my problems.


However, for problem 7- I was told the issue of when the mouse jumps across the screen could be an issue with the sensor. The fix I was given was to set lift height low and turn off angle snapping. This can be found in the performance setting in the iCue software for the mouse.


Will test further for issues and post back if a soft reset fixed my problems.


(Please do not try to soft reset unless told to by a Corsair official or if you have exhausted all possible fixes. I do not take responsibility of any reset you may do to your mice/keyboards.)


To soft reset a K70- Press and hold the ESC button while the computer is plugged into the computer. While still holding the ESC button; unplug the USB(s). While still holding ESC; wait 3 seconds before re-plugging the USB(s) back in. While still holding ESC; wait an extra 10 seconds before letting go of the ESC button. You have now done a soft reset.


To rest a Dark Core (Qi)- Turn on and/or keep your mouse turned on during the entire process. Make sure the mouse is in 2.4GHz mode. Unplug the wireless dongle as well as the charging cable from the computer. Plug the charging cable into the mouse. Hold down the left (primary) and right (secondary) mouse buttons. While still holding down the mouse buttons; wait 3 seconds. While still holding down the mouse buttons; re-plug the USB charging cable back into the computer. While still holding down the mouse buttons; wait an extra 10 seconds before releasing. You have now soft reset your Dark Core (Qi) mouse.

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Don't fret over a soft reset, all it does is wipe the internal settings to factory default, meaning you'll lose any customized HARDWARE profiles. Your soft profiles will still be intact.


Thanks for sharing the tip as to deal with the pointer jumping, will test later.

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Unfortunately, I'm back. I've put in a ticket which has been meet with silence in the past 3 days. My problems were fixed when I did a soft reset for a at least 5 hours without any issues. Then the problems came back slowly and today they are occurring more than ever. Every 4 minutes something will lock up. Mouse or keyboard. The keyboard will constantly lag games. The games I have issues with- All Blizzard games, all Uplay games, Steam. Uplay games seems to suffer 4x more in frequency of the problem happening. However; games launched from Steam will show less problems over a course of an hour. I have a feeling that the mouse will freeze based on heat. When reached a certain heat- it will lock up. I base this conclusion on the fact that it freezes more often on the cord with direct current vs current from the battery on the device. As well- when it's connected via charge cable, the sensor will be slightly warm every time the mouse locks up. I also think something is conflicting via game launchers with iCUE, but I can't be certain. I believe I will be looking for a full refund in the coming days. Edited by bwheeler123
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bwheeler123 I have similar issues to you with my dark core SE. I also have a ticket in with them. I'm using a samsung qi fast charger (EP-NG930TBUGCA). When I place the mouse on the charger (regardless of on or off) it will flash white to indicate charging. However the iCUE battery indicator will not update. If left overnight the mouse will continue to charge forever and does not shut off. After overnight the battery indicator on iCUE does not show full charge and the mouse and charger are warm to the touch!


After charging or leaving the mouse in sleep mode for an extended period of time it will no longer reconnect to the 2.4ghz dongle. I have to use the power switch on the mouse and usually that will fix the sync. (but not always)

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I see; just to let you know- I know everyone gets an automated email stating that it'll take 2 business days for them to get back to you. However, it took 5-6 days before they got to me. So don't fret if it seems like they are ignoring you. You can also try calling the support number; which they would be able to help you faster and tell you what they may think is wrong with your device along with advice on what to do next. Good luck! Let us know if you ever solve your problem.
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