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H100i pro. Pump fan graph


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I have the above cooler installed. It all appears to be working in icue, but when you look at the graph for the pump it seems to be dropping to 0, the number doesn't drop, just the graph. Currently fans and pump are set to balanced.


I've got the fan graph attached, cpu is under full load at the time of capturing. Are the spikes on the pump graph normal?


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Funny you mention that. Just came up in a related topic. Your graph peaks/valleys look a bit sharper than my H115i PRO, but I suspect that is just the image shrink or your set size in iCUE. I do think it is normal and graph mathematically over-accentuates the peaks because of the narrow variable range. Most of us with PRO coolers see a +-30 change that isn't really there.



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