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Hey howdy, good afternoon.


I recently received a Corsair One Elite as a birthday gift, and I have never had such a high-end machine in all my PC gaming days. I'm gonna start this post off as saying I love the machine so far, it runs games flawlessly, and is probably a little overpowered for what I do, but it's nice to have a nice shiny awesome rig.


Moving on to why I'm a little nervous, as I said, I have never had a rig anything like this, and in the past I've never really paid much attention to my temperatures, and just looking at some of them strikes me as "Geez that seems a little... warm."


If someone with a bit more knowledge of this can take a look at my screenshot below and let me know what they think, that would be great. Thanks.


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Hey all... Just wanted to leave another screenshot of temperatures.


I'm going to reiterate here that I don't know a whole lot about PCs from an actual technical perspective so this could easily be my ignorance showing, but the temperatures that this thing runs at truly seem a little warm to me considering all I'm running is WoW and Discord.


Would greatly appreciate some input here.


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Hi Kestrel091,


I don't see anything too worrying with the temperatures shown, especially if the screenshots are taken during a gaming session on Warcraft.


Small Form Factor (SFF) computers will always run a bit warm, due to how packed in everything is, and the Corsair One is no exception to this.


The only time you ever need be concerned is if you're seeing temperatures at or above 70-80C under load.


I hope this has eased your concerns with regards to the temperature.




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Thanks, Mordred. I've noticed that for the most part even when I'm gaming that if I change the fan from default to max, it cools things right down into the 30s-40s.


I guess it's just that I'm not used to being able to monitor these things, and certainly not used to such a high end machine. Every computer I've had before now has been air cooled and pretty basic, so. Needless to say I'm fawning pretty heavily over my C1.

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