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Corsair.Service keeps launching while its already active


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3 Days ago i got my hands on 2 LL fans and 4 RGB strips.

The RGB is either completely frozen or goes okay for like 2/3 seconds and then it goes on repeat.


What i've found out was that it was in sync with launching the Corsair.Service in taskmanager.

How ever, like the title says, that process is already active.

It immediately closes and 2 or 3 seconds later its starting up again. In Task Manager next to that process it also says that the process is interrupted in the status tab.


My K95 Platinum, Corsair Void Pro and what ever RGB corsair mouse is working fine.

Also worth noting i think, when i use Link, everything is okay.


I've tried reinstalling iCue, resetting the LNP, even went for a fresh windows 10. (not a complete re-install)


Anyone got an idea how i can stop the second Corsair.Service from starting up?


Thanks in advance


Edit: iCue says that it failed to start the iCue service in the bottom left corner.

Neither can i control my H115i pump or fans.

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