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LL120 no light


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I am having a problem with the LEDs of my Corsair LL120 fans.

Of the 6 fans that are plugged into my pro commander, 1 has no light yet it is well plugged into rgb hub. The ICUE software is well set for 6 LL120 fans.


I plugged in, unplugged, I unfortunately only 5 fans on 6 that turn on. I strongly think that the fan that has no led is defective, I opened a ticket on the support for replacement.


If you have suggestions, I'm listening.


Thank you

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I reversed on the USB hub on the 5th and 6th, I have more led on the 5th and 6th.

Replacing the 6 in the 5, I get the LED of the 5 cons 6 against no light.


I'm not following you here.


A couple of questions:

1) Do you have the fans set up properly on the Lighting Channel in iCue?

2) Take a look at the RGB FAQ - these issues are discussed in there.

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Which fan doesn't turn on? Fan 5? Does Fan 6 come on? What is the exact behavior?


Sorry dude ... but I'm not there, I can't see it and I can't read minds ... you need to be specific about the exact behavior that you see when you switch the fans around so we can help determine if it's the fan or the hub.

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The fan in position 6 of the RGB hub does not turn on.

There is no light anything like the picture on my post below, the fan is plugged in but no light.


And when you move them around, is it always fan #6 that doesn't come on?

When you move fan #5, it makes no difference? (Example ... move fan 5 to position 1 on the hub).

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