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HX1200i doesn't shown on iCue and Corsair Link 4 issue


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Hello everyone, when i plugged to properly my hx1200i, everything was perfectly working but one thing doesn't work "Corsair Link".


When i was click Fan test button, fan will turns well but Hx1200i doesn't shown on "Corsair Link 4" and "iCue".

-All programs and all windows update is lastest version.

-On the psu, there is one led, this led always green. Some forums or some ppls said that should be "green and red" but mine is always green.

-On the other hand i checked from "USBDeview" program, system will see that usb but not recognize.

-I've corsair h115i pro there is no problem on iCue or Corsair Link 4.


I use "NZXT Internal USB Hub" but i try with it and without it. There is no changes.


What can i do right now any one tell me anything? Many many Thanks!!


EDIT: After i open that topic, i deleted newest Corsair Link 4 program. And install "Corsair-LINK-Installer-v4.9.4.28" after that hx1200i works fine! shows on corsair link 4. But still doesnt shown on iCue. Nevermind corsair link 4 is work fine.




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