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Bought a 1gb DDR400 module for iMac G5


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Hello, I bought a 1GB DDR400 module for my iMac G5. The problem I'm experiencing is that the RAM module has a heatsink around it which, as I've recently discovered, is pressing against another compartment and drawing heat from that and eventually causing my iMac to lock up.


Is there any way I can exchange this for a 1gb module that does not have a heatsink around it?

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Off the foil:



XMS3200 1024MB 400MHz 3338





And on to the pictures.




Seen here is my iMac G5. It's like Carls Jr. tried to make a laptop. The ram slots are at an angle; folklore suggests that it's to piss me off.




This is the RAM up close. The heat sink presses flush against the grey compartment. It's my educated guess that the compartment becomes excessively hot and the heat sink draws that psychic energy into the RAM, causing my computer to flip and kill someone.




In Soviet Russia, RAM 45 degree angles you! Oh god, I messed that up. Here's the RAM slot.




This is me trying to fit the circle into the square. The heatsink is too big for the first slot, as there is not enough space to accomodate the heatsink. So for the last while, I've stuffed it into the second slot where it would draw the heat in.



Hope that helps you out. Please make my iMac happy again :(

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First thing, you would not be able to mix our module with the one that came with your system. Please try the system with just our module installed. In addition, I would see if the reseller will let you send that module back if it does not work.
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