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H110i getting noisier after LINK install


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Bought a H110i recently and have been very happy with it - whisper quiet and keeps temps low.


Today I decided it was time to try the Corsair LINK application and installed it. All of a sudden my computer was way noisier than before and reacted harshly to even the slightest increses in load. It was unbearable!


Eventually I found the "Quiet" profile which made things better and after a while I realized I could create custom profiles which further lowered the noise levels.


So now it's better but still not as good as it was before the install. I can clearly hear the pump motor and that one I can't set a custom profile for so it seems I have to live with that noise.


Now, my question is: is there any way to get back to the original configuration out of the box? I'm assuming the software has updated the cooler firmware or set some hardware parameters that are persisted in the coooler so that simply turning off/uninstalling LINK will not have the desired effect?


Grateful for any help, I'm missing my quiet PC...

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Define noisier. Pump? Fans? Electrical interference?


Some of the prior generation coolers had very low slopping fan curves buried in the firmware. However, this really shouldn't do much with the pump. The pump setting in Link/iCUE is a low/high toggle and the software cannot run intermediate or custom speeds. It likely was running the low speed before (~2300 rpm). What do you have it set to now?


Obviously fans are at your discretion and you can set them as low as you want.

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