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Assistance Requested with product [ST100]


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Unknown if post belongs in this sub-forum, but I was unsure where else to put it.


Has anyone else noticed that the hues displayed by the ST100 headphone stand are s̶l̶i̶g̶h̶t̶l̶y very different than other Corsair products? For instance, the white lighting option has a s̶u̶b̶t̶l̶e prominent blue tinge that's really throwing me off. Mouse, mousepad, and keyboard all have the same sterile looking white (which I absolutely love), but then my eyes go to the headphone stand and I get sad (this is especially noticeable with yellow; the ST100 is pretty much green). Blue and green seem to be the only colors that match, and even then, they're a bit more dim than I was hoping.


Did I get one with wonky lights and should RMA, or is this a known issue?


Thanks for your time!

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you are not wrong. this has been noted elsewhere. It never bothers me, i do not notice but it is very apparent in static lighting conditions like instant lighting. If you warm it up a big, shift yellow towards orange a skitch and the white towards the red oranges you can no longer see the blue and it is much more matchy. I guess you could fudge that in if you like with lighting link.


They should probably address this in an upcoming release as i think it would be easy enough to make a single device offset to warm up the headset stand.

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