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MSI GTX 1060 Corsair RGB Mod

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Hey all, just wanted to share my progress on a mod I have finally decided to do. I have been thinking about replacing the stock LEDs in the MSI card for a while now and I have finally decided to get it done.


The plan is to remove the red parts from the cards shroud and either replace them with clear parts or paint them white. I have already painted the main red part white but I have to also replace the LEDs with corsairs RGB strip LEDs to make the card conform with the rest of my system using iCue. Hopefully the image below will help with visualisation.




Like I say I have started with painted parts already, originally I didn't know if I was going to remove the clear red parts so those also got painted black. Now I plan to remove them and find a way to replace them with clear frosted parts.




There is also the small logo area on the card that will be modified so I am going to find a way to add the corsair LEDs to this but also need to figure out how to diffuse the LEDs so they are evenly distributing the light.




Any suggestion let me know

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Ok so progress on this has been slow but I have received the lighting strips I intend to use for this project. I know there is an easier way to do this by buying some 3rd party digital LED strips that are easy to modify and more dense than the corsair strips but this wouldn't be much of a Corsair mod if I didn't use Corsair strips so that is the reason I have gone for this option.






Next up is to modify the strips to make them more compact and the appropriate size for the job

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