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New/First Build: Asus P4P800-E DLX/Corsair VS1GBKIT400


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I am in the same situation. Asus p4p800-vm, intel p4 3.0e, corsair 1gbkit400.

I have built a board from handed down spare parts, with some success. It worked ok, I concluded that the problems I had were inherited-hence the gift.

I already got my mobo and cpu, waiting to get memory. I was bummed to find that the stock heatsink already had a thermal pad applied. Given my past experience, I plan to get a different heatsink and use artic silver5. From all the forum post I have read related to cooling, the logical solution is to get a good heatsink from the start. I am going to study more before I start building.


Best of luck to you!


:sunglasse Florida Sunshine Rocks!

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