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how can i send profile from icue to k55's onboard memory


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I just wanted to use a keyboard with background light (for long dark nights) and simple one calculator key without driver/software.I was using Logitech g105 and it was good, its software so simple but without software it's useless, calculator shortcut key doesn't work. Needless to say i saw Corsair K55 and seems better because of onboard memory.


I managed to install icue software after 3 days research. I put calculator on G1 key but there is no button to send profile to onboard memory.When i close icue software, G1 button doesn't work, light setting changes and turn back all white.


My question is how can i send anything from software to K55's onboard memory? (iCUESetup_3.6.109_release, i also tried 2.24.50 and 3.4.95 )



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