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Please I need a RMA but nothing works to contact corsair but this forum!


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please I bought this keyboard back in march, Which is the corsair k65 lux rgb I love the keyboard but have noticed it double tap's button's each time like u push one button in it always pushes the key but on release it pushes upwards to like pushing 2 or 3 more letter's in a single push. I've done everything reinstalled drivers and all and nothing changes only thing that seem's to give some better sign's is not running the corsair Icue software but then i can't set my rgb's to match my build would like to send it back and maybe see if its just the keyboard being faulty its still under warranty threw corsair only not amazon where i got it but still have all invoice info from buying the keyboard in march i added invoice 2 this forum but i'm stuck on what to do because this forum is the only thing i can get into i've made 2 different account fully and either one of them will let me sign in at all without a error code saying to get a holt of customer service but i can't do that unless i have an account with corsair so yea that cancel's itself out? I've also got an email straight to RMA service of corsair and its been 3 week's and have received nothing what 2 do from here?
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