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Selection of devices for iCue and Corsair Link (legacy devices)


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You guys need to have better selection to stop ICUE siezing control of devices I don't want it controlling.


I have a lot of legacy Corsair Commander Mini and other items like H110i and AX1500i I don't want ICUE controlling. So I want all my fans and H110i and AX1500i through CORSAIR LINK. For one piece of software


But I also have VOIDS and DARK CORE I want through ICUE.



Please sort this out. Its an absolute shambles.


I'm not going to have my x2 Corsair Commander Mini and £ 00's other equipment made obsolete by a poor software implementation just because you guys have changed software. When the hardware isn't obsolete.



I'm mounting a Corsair Obsidian 900D and £ '000s of your products and this is really annoying.

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The Commander Mini wont be supported in iCUE, so iCUE shouldnt be picking it up. Its possible to implement a box so that if people want Link for their older Link devices they can use it. But idk if they will since Link isnt being updated anymore.


That isn't what I'm saying.


I'm saying I don't want ICUE taking over my AX1500i, H110i and associated pump/fans. They can stay in LINK. I only want ICUE to control my VOID headset and my DarkCore mouse etc.


ICUE is like malware at the moment taking over things I don't want it to.


It should only hand over devices I wish it to do so.


I also think ICUE is a big step backward. Purely to allow Corsair to put game adverts in. That frankly are for me a gigantic waste of time.



Its almost like Corsair overnight planned obsolescence of a whole host of devices only purchased in the last 18 months.


ICUE should only control what I tell it to.

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