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Just give up on trying to call Tech Support


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The issue before where the firmware was corrupt was resolved for a few minutes, no more than 10. I decided to call the tech support number since they are open right now. The guy that took the call just suggested that I should buy a new keyboard if I can't find my receipt to replace under warranty. No resolution to anything I asked, I did one firmware reset, and because I don't have another PC that this keyboard has never been plugged into, he told me to buy a new keyboard. I was calm and asked nicely to speak to a different person/management about trying to resolve the issue because I feel the keyboard works, just a software glitch, and he said. "Well, I could transfer... but they are just going to tell you the same thing." That made me upset. I still even apologized if I came off a little rude, but it's frustrating, and the last thing I want to hear from a tech support agent is to ignore my questions and just tell me to buy a new keyboard.


What a joke.


All I want to know is if there is a way to fully delete the corsair software on my computer so I can do a complete fresh install of everything?

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