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Corsair VOID USB PRO 7.1 surround not working


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I had this Corsair Void USB 7.1 for about 3 months, and surround worked fine. My sister played Minecraft yesterday, and she said she did nothing to the iCUE.


I came back today, turned on my PC and when i went on iCUE and tried to turn on surround (that i never turn off) and i see no diference at all, it sounds the same as Stereo. I tried changing USB ports, i already intalled yesterday iCue update today, and still not working, restarted and nothing...

Please help!

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I have been in the same boat, i installed icue, and bamf, no more surround since.


Not sure why its doing this, but ehh, i won't be buying another corsair headset in the future.


spent at least 100 hours, trying to find a fix to this issue, when every other headset i have had didn't require any time investment at all...


Corsair, is bad, and their dev team, is bad.



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