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3rd set LL120s - FlIckering / Dead LEDs. Link + Cue


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Ok I'm getting to the end of my tether and so are my supplier. On release of the LL120 I Bought 7 for my 7980xe build. In that time i've RMAd both packs of 3 and had brand new replacements. One pack sent back twice. Usually its 2/3 fans that start.


Yet again ANOTHER 2 of my 7 fans have for Flickering issues that aren't consistent and are completely random. Whether it's a cold boot or fresh install of windows.


Doesn't matter if I use iCue or Link. The problem will show up over time.


Build specs.


I9 7980xe

Asus rampage VI

H115i Pro


64GB trident Z

3x M.2 960 Pro

2x 12tb Hdd

2x 850 Pro

1500w Snow Silent PSU.


Power is fine I've got plenty to spare even gone to the lengths of giving the fans their own modular rail. Is there anything that actually fixes this issue? Bar new fans / nodes? Commander pro supposedly has the same issue as I've read here.


Just to be clear restarting the corsair service does NOT fix the issue.


Do I carry on getting RMAs or just get refunded as its becoming a horrendous issue.

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I apologize for the inconvenience you had with the fans. Could you private message me some of those ticket numbers, so I can check with the team regarding this? The LED flickering has been resolved in more recent version of iCue, but if you're still seeing this we would like to do our best to get this issue resolved.
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