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ICUE - Music stop on Key Release


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Hey there, first time poster. Just grabbed myself a k70 and have been fiddling with some icue profiles. I was hoping to have a profile that I could compose very simple electronic music using just the function keys, something to keep me busy and have a little fun while I get bored doing real work. I can play music okay, but I can't seem to find a way to get the sound to stop without letting it play through the whole clip. I've tried "while pressed" and all the other touch options but they don't seem to do much.


Any tips or suggestions?


Thanks in advance

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you would have to setup separate actions to play the music, outside of CUE. Cue is just saying ok this action started, let me play that clip i am supposed to play. The while pressed only does the action itself while pressed. the lighting and sound does not stop.


This might be an way about it:



But his does not stop either. The easiest way is probably autohotkey.


I think this would get you there



The Rhianna Man Down example seems quite full featured and could easily be simplified and extrapolated.


I think even a simple use of



might work

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