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Fan options for my new 570x Mirror Black


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Hello Corsair forums community!


After careful soul-searching, I've decided on the 570x as the best case for my new gaming PC build. I wanted some advice about setting my case up with some extra fans. Right now I am only interested in the ML series, for their longevity and quiet performance, but I am currently confused about which model of ML to get, at what size, and how many.


To start with, the ML RGB series is only rated for 400-1,600 RPM while the ML PRO solid LED models go up to 2,000. I called Corsair customer service to confirm this, and they actually claimed that even the RGB ML series can go up to 2,000, so if anyone who owns them can confirm or deny I'd appreciate it, as I've heard both sides from authoritative sources.


I'm going for a solid red look on my 570x to match my internal parts, but I might end up changing my mind/mood one day, so a part of me is wondering if I should stick with solid red and get the PRO ML model, or leave my options open and get the RGB ML. Figuring out if the RGB ML is speed-capped would help with that decision.


Another issue is that I'm trying to keep costs down, so I'd prefer not buying a Commander Pro if I can help it, and though I've read Zotty and DevBiker's guides on setting up RGB, I'm still not 100% on how either RGB or Red LED ML's will play with my SP120's hooking them up to the stock hub (this is my first PC build).


I wanted to keep positive pressure on my case to avoid dust, so I was wondering how many of my fan slots I should fill if I plan on keeping my SP120's until they wear out. 1x120 exhaust 2x120 top intake? 3x120 exhaust? 1x120 + 2x140 exhaust? My graphics card is reported to run fairly hot, so any advice on this would be greatly appreciated!


Really, probably any suggestions any of y'all have would be helpful and appreciated, I'm a novice at all this, but I'm also a quick study! And I've worked in a static-free circuit board plant, so I know how to treat parts right.


Thanks for any help that can be offered, and I hope you all have a great day!

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The ML-RGB 120 fans do not - repeat do not - run up to 2000 RPM. They are limited at about 1600 RPM. I have six of them. That said, depending on the use case, you may not get that much additional performance from the additional RPMs. Personally, I've found that it's plenty and I typically never even have them running at full speed.


You won't need the Commander Pro but you will need a Lighting Node Pro (NoPro). Fortunately, if you get the multipack of ML-RGB fans, then you'll get a NoPro with it. However, you won't get the cable to connect the NoPro to the fan hub for the SP-RGB fans (it only comes with one) so you'll either need a custom cable or you'll need to use jumper cables (like you'd use with a RaspPi or Arduino). You cannot put the SP-RGB and the ML-RGB on the same fan hub; it won't work at all.


As for your fans ... what CPU cooler are you planning on getting? How do you intend to install that? That will play into the equation ...

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Ah, you're right, I probably won't want my fans at 2,000 RPM unless I'm trying to annoy the neighbors. I'm just suspicious that two supposedly identical fans have different technical specs, makes me wonder if there are internal mechanical differences that could imply towards the build quality.


Will I need the NoPro to get even the solid red Ml120 Pro LED to light up? What I'm wondering is if it would be a ton easier/cheaper for me to just stick with solid red over RGB colors with various lighting effects.


Or, could I circumvent the need for the NoPro and extra cables if I got a CoPro + 3 RGB ML120s separate? I like the fan-speed control CoPro gives so I could justify that config if I wouldn't have to buy anything else. If this is answered in your guides just let me know and I'll re-read them, I've just never configured a fan setup before so much of it is Latin to me.


For CPU cooling I was going to see how far the stock Ryzen 2700x cooler would get me, and eventually replace it if I was unhappy with the thermal performance. I've heard trying to overclock the Ryzen 2700x much is a bit like trying to motivate children with wasps.

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