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HowTo backup currently flashed COMMANDER PRO firmware


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Hi there from a newby,


i would like to know, if it is possible to backup the currently flashed firmware of my new Corsair Commander Pro device?


I just bought a new device and got it delivered today. Installed within minutes, up and running perfectly. Currently installed firmware is 0.7.199 with Bootloader 5. This is my second Commander Pro and i collected nearly every available firmwareupdate for those devices - except the one flashed to my just arrived and installed Commander Pro.


So, before i update to it to the lates firmware, i would make a backup of the currently flashed firmware 0.7.199 (including bootloader 5, if possible).




Any comments or suggestion on how to do this? Is it possible and if: what kind of tools do i need therefore?


Any help or comment on this is greatly appreciated.




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