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Problem with Keyboard


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Hi all,


I was wondering if anyone is available to help me... This morning I was browsing the internet just fine when all of a sudden chrome started acting funny. When I would try to scroll down a page, it would zoom in, it would randomly close windows and just not respond to any clicks. I restarted my computer to being unable to log back in. After a few more restarts I got back in, but when I selected a desktop icon, multiple would be selected. Issues started happening again and I ran through the cycle i mentioned above. It got to the point where my corsair keyboard would just be all white with three blinking lights at the top... num lock, caps lock and scroll lock. I researched with a different keyboard how to factory reset as someone else with that problem got it fixed that way. When I did that (hold ESC unplug 5 seconds, plug back in hold ESC for 5 seconds) the keyboard started freaking out and started to delete files on my desktop and empty my recycle bin. Luckily I have nothing important on my desktop but, has anyone experienced anything like this, or know of a fix? Its a Corsair k95 RGB, on windows 10 64bit pro, intel core i7-8700k 32gb ram, gtx 1060.


I'm off to work, but will check back frequently to answer any questions, I'd appreciate all the help.

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