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This is "Customer Care"?


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First let me say that I was happy with the customer service person when it came to getting an RMA number. That is where it ends, however. I will never purchase Corsair again, and here is why-


Upon obtaining my RMA number, I was asked if I had any other sticks of the same lot. These were obsolete, so both were going to be replaced. Very nice of them! So I send BOTH back. Within just a few days, my package arrives with the replaced RAM. Whoa! Only ONE stick?? Back to the email I go. Georgette claims that they recieved just ONE from me. And how do I prove that both were in the box???? I am at their mercy. The sticks were only pc2700 256MB, replacing pc2400. I have all of the emails, though my expressed dissatisfaction has been a futile excercise in getting any results. Too bad....I liked the memory, but this portion of the process that left me bent over, screwed out of 256MB of memory, has gone too far. (The 2nd stick was functioning, but I was asked to send in both) Moral to the story?


If you are sending in more than ONE stick, use SEPARATE packages. It may save you a lot of grief due to someone dishonest who opens the shipments. :( :evil: :mad:

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