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Little confused with new build

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Hi all. I'm new here and would like some advice please.

I'm looking to have a custom pc built by a company here in the UK called Scan (3XS Systems). I previously had a Scan system built 10 years ago and up till now, has been flawless.

I've been watching a ton of videos on You Tube and reading online reviews. Deciding between two all out (or as much as possible) Corsair components. One build is using the Obsidian 500D. Then out of the blue, I fell for a custom build by some guy who used a Corsair Omega case (black and white), which was total contrast to the specs I had planned for the 500d build.

On both specs I was planning to overclock with a Corsair h150i pro AIO.

With the Omega spec I was looking at the following:


Omega white and black case

I7 8700k overclocked

Either a Asus Prime A z370 or Gigabytes Aorus gaming 7 motherboard.

Samsung M.2 500gb 970 Evo

Samsung 1tb 960 Evo ssd

Asus 6gb 1060 GTX gpu

Corsair 32gb Vengence Pro RGB (white) ram

Corsair RM 850x full moduler white psu (can t find a 650w in white)

Corsair H150i pro AIO

3 x Corsair 'LL 120 rgb fans.


My main question is, Is it possible to swap out the ML fans on the H150i pro cooler for 'LL fans or do I need to replace them with 3 x Corsair ML rgb fans? Will.I also have to have 2 lighting nodes?

As the rad is 340 mm it has to be a front placement on the Spec Omega.

So the replacement fans would at be the front of the case.The 3 x 'LL 120 s would be one at the rear and two st the top.

Any help would be appreciated concerning the replacements for the AIO fans.

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Yes, you can use any PWM fan on the H150i internal controller. That includes the HD, LL, and ML-RGB fans. Performance differences are minimal, so go with the one you find appealing. It is much easier to use one type of RGB fan. Once you start mixing types (ML-RGB and LL) you need a separate RGB Lighting Hub for each set. The hub requires a SATA connector and then you wind up with 5 SATA cables for lighting alone. If you like the LL in the top and rear, then going with 3 more on the radiator makes sense. You could also leave it for later. A 3 pack of LL120 (what you want for top and rear) will have a Lighting Node Pro included and that is all you need for software control. With the solid front fascia and internal lighting, you won't get much LL fan light off the front radiator. Depending on your orientation with the case, you could leave the ML-Quiet (gray) on the front and never notice them.
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