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1000D Drive Cage Removable?


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Hi all.


I'm new to the forum and starting a 1000D build this weekend. I have most of the parts (see System Specs). I have a question about the drive cage in the case.


I'm not sure I will have any 3.5" drives in this build. If not, I may want to remove the cage and recoup the space to use for water cooling equipment. So I'm wondering if the cage is removable or if my only method of doing that is modding (cutting) the cage out? I think it's riveted in, but not positive about that.


Even if I do have a couple 3.5s, I might see if I can figure out another way to mount them into the case so I can eliminate the drive cage.


For the moment, I'm just getting things into the case, figuring out fans and cable runs, and ensuring I can get everything working okay. For the moment, I will be using an H150i Pro to cool the CPU and the built-in GPU air cooler.


After that, and some more water-cooling research and planning, and probably delidding the CPU, I plan to switch over to a custom water cooling loop (or two).

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Hi bud.. yeah its riveted in dude.

Okay. Thanks for the confirmation.


Case arrives today, so I will look at what it might take to cut it out. Although it's not a critical thing so won't be doing that until later on when I set out to add water-loops to the build.

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