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iCUE not detecting Vengeance RGB Pro correctly


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Fresh install of Windows, no other RGB software installed and iCUE doesn't seem to see my RAM correctly. it keeps disappearing, reappering, only showing 1 stick or not showing up at all.

The sticks are stuck on a red static effect

Any tips?


Pictures of iCUE and inside of PC attached



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You aren't the first person to say that they can't find that in an AMD BIOS. Apparently, there is some different name for it but I don't know what that would be. At this point, you may want to check with Gigabyte to see where they've hidden that or if it's even available from the BIOS. It should be.
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I've contacted Gigabyte, no response yet.

But I think I might have found the issue.

I can control the RGB of the motherboard in the BIOS, I just did that but it also changed the colors of my RAM sticks. thing is, there is no option to deselect the RAM

So that may be why iCUE can't detect the RAM properly?

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  • 2 months later...

same problem here


gigabyte aorus x470 gaming 5 wifi rev.1

vengeance rgb pro 16 gb c16


my system is 1 week old

first i build it

installt windows

bios update to f3


the ram where blinking with this rainbow efect by default

i installt the rgb fusion software first (corsair was claming the ram is rgb fusion compatible)

i was able to change some settings for the mobo and the graphic card

but fusion had non efect on the rams


then i installd this icue and the terror started

the left dim module stop working on the lights

then the software tells me there is only one dim present

then it tells me sometimes there are 2

in full software mode i can change some efects but

they not sync proper

ore i set one color

both dims show the color then

when i shut down se software after some time the left dim stop working again

when i rboot the system

the right one reset its settings to default rainbow glow

the left one not work


about spd support in bios

gigabyte have no option for that

and btw for what i need spd ?

cause this are profile things used for xmp pofiles

so for timings and so on

the ram timings and clock ratr works perfect

its just not the rgb thing


i can uninstall rgb fusion -> no efect

i can try to set it off in bios -> no efect

its allways present there you only can try to set of the lights

i can uninstall icue -> no efect

corsair link software -> shows up the mem but non rgb settings


for me it looks like this is a problem between gigabyte and corsair

i calld the german gigabyte support today

they tell me its not the problem of gigabyte i have to use auorus mem

well so why both companys work together then ?

gigabyte tell me its not comatible and corsair sell the ram with rgb fusion compatibility


and now ?

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I had similar issues with my AMD X470 mobo and Corsair RAM combo. What BIOS are you running on? You can see my gear in my profile, but I had to change BIOS from F3 back to F3g to get mine to work correctly. All Gigabyte would say was:


"Please stay with the F3g BIOS. The new AGESA is to support the new AMD Athlon 200 Series CPU."


I assumed that F3g was later than F3, but that does not appear to be the case.


P.S. Oh and I never found out either what the equivalent of SPD Write is in our BIOS. If nayone finds out I'd be interested to know!

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well i fix this all


1. i downgrade the bios of the gigabyte aorus x470 gaming 5 wifi rev 1.0 to version f2

2. then i left the bios settings to default so the bios did NOT use any xmp profile

3. i boot into win10 and start up icue

4. icue showd me a firmware version for the first time and was able to rewrite both rams

5. icure show the dims in the right slots and works perfect

6. next to it i still use rgb fusion but not touch the rams in there

only use it for the mobo settings and the graphic card

7. then i went back to the bios and activate xmp profile




im not sure what solfed it for me

the default settings and not use xmp profile

because gigabyte do not have any seperate settings for spd write enable

maybe when you use xmp profile in the bios the spd bus block then

im not sure


ore just the bios downgrade as it self


maybe corsair can test this with the diff bios versions from gigabyte

and maybe both companys can check out how gigabyte it self handle the spd write stuff


because thats the hole problem

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