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Corsair K95 RGB keyboard unable to open a simple file


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Is there a way or what is the best way to open a simple data file with the Corsair K95 RGB programmable keyboard?


After downloading/installing the software (CorsairUtilityEngineSetup_2.24.50_release), I was surprised to discover that apparently, there is no way to directly program one of the G-keys to open a simple file.* That seemed a bit odd since so many other actions are supported but it was confirmed by a quick phone call to Corsair Tech Support.


I've used a 18 G-key keyboard from another manufacturer for several years but that keyboard has now been discontinued. I like everything I've seen thus far with this new Corsair keyboard, but the ability to open a simple file by use of a single G-key press is something I'll miss.


I'm familiar with AutoHotkey (AHK) and plan to write some "Run" commands as a workaround but I'm curious to know why Corsair has not included that functionality in its current Utility Engine and/or if there is a simpler/more direct option (vs AHK) for what I'm after.




*After creating a new action, I went to:


Macro > Launch Application > Run the following program > Browse


and navigated to a folder containing several file types (.txt, .xls, .ahk, .png, etc) but the only option offered by the browser is to run Executable files (*.exe *.bat *.cmd).

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Regarding the AutoHotkey workaround, I found an article here which explains the quickest way to create an .exe file from an existing .ahk file.


From that article:

"The easiest way to compile is to right-click on an AHK file in your file manager and select Compile Script from the context menu."


I'm still curious to know however, if there is a direct/more direct way to do it directly from Corsair's G-keys.

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