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New Scimitar Pro, remapping?


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My old Scimitar died, loved it, but never got CUE 2.x or newer to work properly; had to use 1.16.42 to rebind the G keys how I wanted.


Which is:


G1 - alt

G2 - shift

G3 - control


G5 - w

G7 - a

G8 - s

G9 - d


The others were likewise frequently used buttons (e, r, z, x, c), but I can probably figure those out if only I could get it to accept the modifiers & WASD.


Particularly so I can use the mouse across any application to ctrl+W to open a new window; and in the old software it would perfectly react as expected (hold the G2 key, it thinks I'm holding down shift, and when I release it, it thinks I released shift). Same thing for WASD to give smooth WASD movement on the mouse instead of having to hold a key on the keyboard.


I've tried everything, but the G keys are unresponsive; testing it in notepad, holding the G2 key and pushing any keyboard button does not produce expected "holding shift to turn 1 into !" results; or pushing G5 doesn't produce a string of w's.





as I'm on Win7, installed the KB3033(numbers) update as google pointed me toward it; it recognizes the remaps, but doesn't do it 'as expected'. It seems kind of terrible, support-wise, that I might end up resorting to AutoHotkey just to get the same functionality as the old 1.16.x version -- or just roll back to that old version anyway if the new version can't do the same output.


when "imitate holding key" is on Toggle, it doesn't "release" when I release the G key. Trying to change it to "on press" doesn't seem to do anything.


edit 2:


aaand now it's not working (again). Or rather it's only working with G1 to left alt, imitate on toggle. Nothing I can do is changing it from this, apparently.


edit 3:


figuring it out; slowly. For whatever reason when I tab out of CUE, it auto-swaps to whatever iCUE profile it wants to instead of using the HW one(s) I've set up; and you can't just "easily" export a HW profile to import it as a software one. Such poor support for this.

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