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K65 LUX RGB MX Flickering after iCUE Update


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Hi, since I've updated to the latest iCUE and firmware, the keyboard has been flickering mostly in these keys: TAB, Q, W, E, A, S, D, F, G, H..


1. I've tried to install the firmware again multiple times, but the issue is still there.

2. Ive also installed old versions of CUE and the latest iCUE again multiple times and it didn't work.

3. I finally did a clean windows install with no other related software from other companies installed in my rig and the issue is still is not solved.

4. Without iCUE installed, in default, the keyboard doesn't flick at all.


I have a ticket (#767358) on this since August 15th, if someone can adress it in coirsair thanks in advance.

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Corsair Hotpot, I have my keyboard in warranty,with the seller I've bought it from, but not for much longer, so I need your help as soon as possible in case this hard reset doesn't work, in my last two messages in the TICKET Ive opened, I've pointed some aspects where I have some doubts, please if you can contact support in order to make them help me with such doubts as soon as possible, thanks in advance!
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