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Switching Profiles outside of iCue


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I am trying automate switching Profiles, so i am looking for a command or shortcut to switch profiles, i know this can be done with a Corsair keyboard, but this is a media center PC so I don't use a keyboard or mouse.


If i could use the command line or batch file, that would be ideal.


Examples of use cases would be:


After 8pm a "soft light" profile


While steam is running, "GPU temps" profile (assigning steam.exe to a profile doesn't work because when steam goes in the background the profile is disabled)


Movie profile


Music profile


Show off profile


I fancy a change profile



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bootleg, but see here:



install autohotkey and adjust the offsets (y values, second value under controlclick) to your profiles on the tree at the left and it should work for you. Now I agree, it would be nice if there was a better method.


You having an htpc may need to have this go to a third rather than a second virtual desktop.

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