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Mysterious red color when Windows loads up

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Hi All,


When I boot my computer, everything happens as it shoud. The default hardware profile is displayed on the keyboard during post, and also when Windows loads. However when I have made it to the lock screen, and if I wait for a little bit, I will hear a USB connection sound come through my speakers then the keyboard will go dark for about 3 seconds and come back on with a red color.


I have deleted all but one hardware profile, the one I booted up with. PLus I've never had a profile of just red keys. I have noticed that if I turn the lighting off via the button at the top of the keyboard, then turn the lighting back on, it's fixed. Back to the proper color of the hardware profile.


I don't know where this red color is coming from or why. I thought it might be interference from the Logitech Gaming Software I had installed for my last keyboard, a G213. So I uninstalled that software, but nothing changed.


Any help you could give me to avoid this red color coming up after boot would be greatly appreciated.

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Generally the red lighting is usually it's most default lighting. That is a little weird that your system is reconnecting the keyboard at the lock screen. Can you make sure you have the latest chipset and USB drivers installed for your system? It could also be Window's USB selective suspend? Try changing these settings.


1. Open Control Panel.

2. Click on Hardware and Sound.

3.Click on Power Options.

4.Under "Preferred plan," click the Change plan settings link for the plan you're currently using. (If you change the settings on the power plan that isn't active, this won't work.)

5. Click the Change advanced power settings link.

6. Expand USB settings.

7. Expand USB selective suspend setting.

8. Select Disabled from the drop-down menu.

9. Click Apply.

10. Click OK.

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