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My 77 day ticket that is still not resolved...


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Ticket 735360 RMA 1454919

-On 6/4/18 I submitted an email ticket for new ear pads for my Corsair Pro RGB headset.

-On 6/6/18 I received a reply asking for proof of purchase, provided same day.

-On 6/7/18 I asked what are the other options besides a replacement do to some issues with the headset that arose. (Crackling in speakers, muffled mic, echoing)

-On 6/11/18 I asked for an update.

-On 6/13/18 I was approved for an RMA and was moved to the customer service for the refund. I was asked for my address which I gave same day.

-On 6/14/18 I asked about the refund.

-On 6/19/18 I was raised to the second line of support.

-On 6/24/18 I asked if I could put the headset in the mail, with the provided shipping label.

-On 6/26/18 I was told not to till the refund was approved.

-On 7/03/18 I asked for an update, same day response I was told the refund was still being processed.

-On 7/13/18 I contacted the online chat asking for an update since I had not heard back from the previous representative. I was told that my Refund had NOT been approved yet!!! And it would take 24-48 business hours to process

-On 7/20/18 I called asking for an update, I was told my RMA was approved and to use a different RMA # and a different shipping label. I printed the label and mailed the headset same day.

-8/1/18 the headset was receive by Corsair.

-8/10/16 I called the support team asking for an update, I was told the Refund was approved and allow 24-48 business hours for the check to be mailed. Same day according to UPS a 2.5 pound package was shipped.

-On 8/14/18 I called asking what check weighs 2.5 pounds, I was told “We packaged the check to ensure product safety. I of course questioned the sanity of a 2.5 pound box for a paper check…

-On 8/16/18 I received… a headset that was not desired…. And no check. I called and asked the status of my refund and why I received a new headset. I was told please allow 24-48 business hours for your check to be mailed….

-On 8/17/18 I called again asking for a supervisor to determine what was happening… I was told my refund has been put on hold till they received the headset back…


I called a total of 5 times and talked to three supervisors in my case, I entered text chat once, and sent many emails. It has been a total of 77 days I have a headset I do not want and a refund that is on hold. I am tired of Corsair making mistakes.

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  • Corsair Employees

According to what people are telling me, your refund was posted and should be sent to you by Monday.


The original statement in the ticket of the Refund being approved was more or less a "We need to ask a manager if you can get a refund" statement. What people have been telling me is that there was an issue having the refund trigger because of an error in your RMA being shipped. Basically, they created a new number for you and it wasn't received under that number, and was instead received as the RMA. So, the refund item was never received, and the RMA item was received and sent instead.


In short, they will be sending you a prepaid for the item you received on accident. The refund should be shipped to you by Monday once the department involved has written the check. I can guarantee that this is happening currently, the refund has been posted to the appropriate group.


I can only apologize for the long wait. It was an odd confluence of issues that happened to affect your RMA. It should all be resolved soon.

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Thank-You very much. I can confirm I received the refund today on the 82nd day of the ticket. The accidental headset will be placed in the mail within two days using the provided label. Please understand that I will no longer purchase or recommend Corsair products.
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