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I am having an issue with my keyboard it seems to have saved a profile that it uses when not fully booted into windows, as far as I can tell I have removed all profiles and changed everything back to default settings, when I first got the keyboard upon booting the system it would default to the spiral setting like the mouse pad still does.


Now for some reason it is stuck with something I made months ago keys all red and top bar white, when it boots to windows it then goes to the lighting link which is what I use now.


How can I make it go back to the spiral effect when booting like when it was new?



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In your profiles list on the left, you should have 3 hardware profiles (HW1, HW2, HW3). This is the interface for saving a profile to the device. Create your lighting, macros, etc. in the software inside the HW profile, then click save to device at the bottom of the list to move it to the keyboard.


There are three buttons above the F2-F4 keys on the board. The left most one is your profile switch key. When iCUE is running, it will shuffle between software profiles. When iCUE is not running, it will shuffle between the three hardware profiles. Next time you boot up (or just quit iCUE), hit the profile button and see what's in there.


If you have deleted the HW profiles (you would not be the first), try unplugging the K95P with iCUE/CUE open and see if it prompts you to save the profiles back to iCUE. That may restore them. If it does not work, we can try a reset to force them back.


The default pattern for HW1 was Spiral Rainbow. I think HW2 might be Rain. Regardless, these can be set to any of the predefined or custom effects.

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Not sure why it has to be this difficult, I only see one profile on the side and it does not have the red effect that is present when computer shuts down or booting pressing the profile button also does nothing as I assume because there is only one profile and apparently hidden one that's not select able or viewable, the red color one which is not listed anywhere or shown until PC is off or booting.


Is the keyboard broken? or what else can I do to get rid of this and back to default settings.

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Finally this worked, thanks c-attak.



1: Unplug both usb's of the keyboard from the computer

2: Quit the CUE Program

3: Press and hold the escape button on the keyboard

4: With the escape button held down, plug in the keyboard

5: After a couple seconds, release the escape button

6: Wait about 30 seconds, and then replug the keyboard

7: Open CUE

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