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Dreaded Hard Drive Click back with new iCue


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For years, we had a problem with the former Corsair Link program where ever 3-5 seconds, it would cause a mechanical hard drive to check itself (I guess to report SMART statistics) and would cause an audible sync/click.


If you sit close to your PC, you could imagine how annoying this would be and especially if you have more than one hard drive. Corsair eventually removed hard drive monitoring from Corsair Link and the problem was resolved. Thankfully, it also didn't carry over into iCue...until now.


I just upgraded to the latest version and the dreaded hard drive sync in back and for good reason. It looks like hard drive monitoring was added back and is an option in in the dashboard.


The problem is even if you aren't monitoring your hard drives, it still causes the sync/click.


Corsair - Can we have an options menu where we can disable hard drive monitoring? It took years to fix the request in Corsair Link and hope we aren't going to have to deal with this all over again.


Here is the previous thread detailing the issue with Corsair Link:



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1 Samsung SSD, 2 Seagate HDDs.


I uninstalled the current version and went back to the one prior to them adding hard drive monitoring back in and no click.


The problem is even if you don't have the hard drives in your dashboard for monitoring, it still causes the hard drive to access. I think a couple things could be done:


- Have a setting/option to enable or disable hard drive monitoring




- Have it where the hard drives aren't monitored until you add them to the dashboard

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Any acknowledgement on this by chance?


I want to update and be on the latest versions but not if hard drive monitoring is going to stay in. Please give us the option to disable hard drive monitoring in the options.


Currently, even if you don't have hard drives showing in your Dashboard, it's still actively monitoring them and causes the hard drive syncing issue. Can we simply turn this off until they are enabled?

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