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CS:GO Game State Integration in iCUE


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I wanted to ask if there is a possibility to integrate CS:GO Game State Integration in iCUE. So I can link actions in-game to the lightning of my mouse and keyboard. Is there an iCUE SDK which would allow to do that?

Would it be hard to implement it by myself with such an SDK?


I know there are other third party programms that would do it, but I don't want to start a seperate programm every time i play.


Thanks in advance!

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yes. The SDK works quite well, but you might find it a little rudimentary unless you are quite a skilled programmer.




You could probably do almost anything, but to get basic functionality, I would say yes it is quite doable. I skimmed the above and it basically seems like the server is able to respond to http requests on port 3000 once you set it up with a config file for the hosting server and you get back certain information in what appears to be Node.js (a json object if you will)


I think if you parsed that and used the values to effect the lighting with the SDK, it should be pretty easy to make a proof of concept. The Color pulse examples would be a decent start, you could maybe take the ammo_clip value and colorize a row of keys based on how empty you are.


This may be of help:



I have CSGO but never got into it, let me know how you make out. The SDK is easy if you install visual studio first, download the CUE SDK and update the net targets and start from one of the examples in the SDK

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