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New H45 Watercooler fan spinning up


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I have just installed a Corsair H45 closed loop watercooler.


This issue I'm having is quite common as I have read about in FAQ as well, however I need a little bit of assistance.


Basically I have installed it as was shown in the installation guide, meaning 3 pin going in to CPU fan and 4pin fan going into a case fan connector.


If the CPU requires to do any slight work, the fan just spins up like crazy, for example when opening a new tab. Now I know that this can be solved easily, I just need some assistance.


Do I have to set a specific RPM in BIOS or disable something such as an auto setting for the fan? Not sure if the mobo is visible but I have a Asus B250 Prime Plus.


Thank you!


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Also, this slightly concerns me :




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Not sure what control options you have on the B250. You are probably limited to CPU temp and maybe 1 or 2 other things. I am afraid CPU temp may be the only viable choice and you can see what happens when you use the BIOS default curves. Those were designed for air towers or who knows what. None of them are going to be acceptable. Keep in mind you only need the fan the start doing real work when the coolant temperature heats up, something you can't see on the H45. However, a you open programs and do low level stuff with the 7700K constantly pinging between 30-50C, you don't need the fan to change speed. Make a custom curve in the BIOS (you might need to go into the advance BIOS -> Monitor ->Qfan section). Keep the initial part of the curve 30-50C very flat and slow. At 50C you can start a gradual climb. If there are any "fan delay" options, use them. 12 seconds spin up/down is perfect. Don't use CPU fan or OPT for the fan header. That will change the behavior and make it even more responsive to every little peak and valley.
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