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( Strafe Mk.2 ) ICue Limited Combo Customisations?


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Hi all,


I just recently purchased the Strafe Mk.2. I hadn't been able to get much info about the color customisations but based on what I have seen available in RGB profiles for downloads on Alex Krastev's website, the amount of customisations that the Strafe has is quite limited.


I was trying to customise my own lighting effects in ICue 3.5.111. I am trying to combine both reactive "type lighting per key" effects with some form of customised color pulse.


I keep getting the error that only "5 custom lighting or 1 predefined lighting" can be enabled. Is the keyboard software for the Strafe Mk.2 this limited or am I going wrong somewhere with my tinkering?


Would appreciate the feedback from anyone as there does not seem to be any conclusive tutorial regarding the extent of RGB lighting customisations for the Strafe Mk.2 anyhere in forums or youtube.


Thanks for taking the time to read this!



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I did manage to import this into my profile. But, why can't I seem to recreate this myself?


Also my options for in depth customisation seem much less varied than this custom profile I just downloaded.












I'm not too sure why there is a difference in these customisation buttons available in the same software but for different profiles I have?


:S :S

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Ok. I manage to solve the issue with the software customisation not showing up.


My ICue software (which I installed after getting my Strafe Mk. 2) had overwritten itself over my previous CUE software (which I previously had only for the Glaive RGB mouse).


I had to uninstall the ICue and reinstall the updated 3.6 version. It showed all the in-depth customisation options after that instead of just hardware options.


Problem solved.



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It seems like you were trying to use the hardware profiles (HW1, HW2, etc) as your main software profiles. The HW profiles will also have some limitations because there is only so much memory storage on the board. The HW profiles are just a vehicle to copy a profile to the device. Don't use them for default or program linked profiles.
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