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Loose USB Cable


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Hello. I had my Corsair K63 wireless + lapboard for a bit over a week and I like it a lot so far. When the light turns red, I use the USB cable included and plug it directly into my laptop. I then use the keyboard as though it were a wired K63 but on my lap since I'm using a lapboard.


However, sometimes my cable becomes loose and I become disconnected. The connection between the USB and my keyboard is loose and would not work since the dangling cable from the keyboard pulls the USB down and makes it not have sufficient contact inside. The only way for my keyboard to work when wired is when there is no cable weight and I am level with my device (use my keyboard on the same surface as my laptop.)


In the future, can Corsair make a cable that has a better locking mechanism so the parabola from the cable going down to the floor and back up to my table doesn't disconnect my keyboard?

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