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ML fans don't keep iCUE settings when PC display turns off


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Hey guys,


I have:


7 ML120 Pro RGB fans

2 ML140 Pro RGB fans

32GB Vengeance RGB RAM

Commander Pro



all set up and they all work just fine and are recognized by iCUE/Link. My issue is that when I lock my computer, the fans default back to the "Spiral Rainbow" default light setting in iCUE. The RGB Vengeance RAM does not do this. It's only the fans.


Ever seen this before?

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Well, I'm a security engineer, so...security's a big deal!


My RGB Vengeance RAM still stays the same profile I set it to in iCUE even when my PC is locked. It's just the fans that change back to default.

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Yes, the RAM is actually running in the hardware. The fans (and strips and other things) are not. When the machine is locked, iCue disconnects from all USB devices. This flips then to their default mode ... rainbow.


From what I understand, they are working on options for this but I have no ETA.

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