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KB randomly typing a set of keys?


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Good day everyone!

I've owned a Strafe (non-RGB) for about a year now(this started happening just 2 months after i started using it), however there's this seemingly intermittent issue with it: the top right corner set of keys (ranging from scroll lock,F12 all the way down to ENTER) randomly goes nuts.

Putting some pressure on ENTER creates a string of symbols such as " [[//[/[[]][[[[ ",every symbol being near the ENTER key.

What I usually do to stop it is to unplug and plug both USBs from my computer, but that just makes the symbols stop.If I put pressure on ENTER the problem comes back. Nothing I do on CUE helps, plus i've tested it on another computer and the issue is still there.

Is there anything I can do or should I replace it?

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