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Twin CMX512XL PRO : error in dual channel [HELP]


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first post here hi to everyone..

my system is made by :


DFI nf4 lanparty ultra-d

winchester 3200

2 X 512 CMX512XL PRO v.1.1 (chip samsung TCCD)

2 seagate sata 120gb..


i got memory error using : GOLDMEMORY, MEMTEST86 and MEMTESt if i use both the memory modules. If i use one module at time (512 mb) i have no error. Those modules are certified to work in dual channel, the compatibility test with my motherboard say that there should be no problems so what i'm supposed to do??

give them back to corsair??


(i've tried all the bios made by DFI, beta and officials)


thanks in advance for helping.

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