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Fan info in Corsair Link


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When I open up Corsair Link and look at the fans running on my system, my H115i shows 2 fans and a pump (in blue) but it only shows the RPM's for Fan #1 and the pump. #2 is at zero. Both fans are spinning so is this the way it's supposed to be or might there be a problem?

It's been 1 week and things seem to run just fine but I wanted to be sure that is the case.


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Thanks for your reply.

It's the Pro and no, shutting Link down or reboots makes no difference.

Something else odd I just noticed was that sometimes it shows 4 MB fans when only 2 (plus the H115i Pro) are installed. Most of the time it only shows 2 correctly. But no matter what, I only see 1 cooler fan plus the pump listed. Computer is cool though and both fans are spinning.

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